Missing my puglet…

28 03 2011

In a week, it’ll be a year since we had to put down Greta.  For those who don’t know, Greta was my mini-me puglet.  She was me in pug form, and we were best buddies!  She was sassy just like me, and yapped away like I did when I was angry.  She was my partner in crime, and I loved her to bits.  She was also a light in mine and Gus’s lives when we lost our first pug, Ruby.

I adored Ruby as well, but I didn’t have the same bond I did with Greta.  When she got sick last year, I knew deep down it was the same thing as Ruby, and I just couldn’t accept it.  Now that we are looking to add to our furry family, I’m filling out pug rescue applications because our breeder left a bad taste in our mouth (both our pugs were from her).

I honestly didn’t think the application would be that difficult, but once I got to the question:  “Have you ever had to euthanize a dog? If so, why?”  I decided the two lines on the form weren’t enough, so I typed up an “addendum” to the application.  Of course, while I’m writing, I start to get really sad and start crying.  Even a year later, the nerves are so raw and sensitive…  I still miss her face and calling her “Senorita Sassypants”, letting her attack my arm in harmless pug assaults.  She had the cutest little bark, and barked more than any other pug I met!  I could go on and on, but I wanted to get this out of my head so I at least feel a little bit better.  I will miss her always and forever, and Gus and I are lucky to have had her in our lives for the short time we did.

Miss you baby Greta!




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7 07 2011

what was wrong with them? medical I presume

7 07 2011

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