Quick Wedge Salad…oh and why I’ve been missing

6 03 2011

I’m back from my hiatus of well… honestly, I haven’t had any interest in doing anything since my wedding.  I think 9 months of crafting and planning a DIY wedding burned me out of all my hobbies and personal projects I had before becoming engaged.  Since my lazy, hanging out in a couch fort, watching all 11 seasons of Law & Order: SVU (yes, 11 seasons…in 10 days!), snoozing with my pug and new husband in said couch fort Christmas vacation, I have gradually started doing my fun/me/Rachael projects I loved doing before the wedding.  I made a few custom scarves for the craft fair at work, and a couple for gifts since.  I’ve also banned myself from buying any more yarn until I’ve crocheted everything I own.  That is a LOT of yard, you guys.  I have like 3 reusable grocery bags filled with yarn!

I’ve also started and stopped my wedding album like 3 times since the wedding.  I started using the same site I did our guest book on (MyPublisher), but it limited me to 100 pages, which is a pretty big book, but I wanted to include all the professional photos.  I got to our cake cutting and the software wouldn’t let me add more pages.  I was a little mad at myself for not checking, I had spent like a week on it, ugh!  So I moved onto Picaboo.  After I finished it (another week later), I went to checkout and it was over $400!   I decided that I’d rather get a really nice quality album that is shorter with the traditional shots, and print all the photos from good ol’ Shutterfly to put in a scrapbook album (that my *husband* suggested!).  Their prices are crazy cheap, they’re local and ship super quickly! Anyway…my long-winded commentary sums up to me being lazy and now I’m not, so ON with the food!

I’ve been craving big, crispy/crunchy salads and lots of raw veggies lately, so a nice big wedge of iceberg lettuce sounded so good last week.  This rendition is a little different than the traditional wedge salad (blue cheese dressing, bacon, tomato).  I was craving thousand island dressing, so I picked it up at the grocery store, along with 2 heads of iceberg lettuce.  I completely forgot to get stuff to put on the salad, but I was lucky enough to have some leftover veggies from a previous day’s dinner, score!   Anyway, this is just a quick salad and it’s great as a meal if you add some grilled chicken or salmon, yum.

1 head of iceberg lettuce
1/2 English cucumber
1/2 red onion
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/2 cup walnuts, toasted

Quarter the head of lettuce and cut out the core.  Rinse wedges under cold water, and dry in a salad spinner.  I tuck them in center down so they don’t fall apart while it’s spinning around.  Slice the cucumber in 1/4″ pieces.  I like cutting on a slant, it looks pretty.  Cut the red onion into thin slices and break up sections and make a small pile for easy sprinkling later on!  It’s super easy to make toasted nuts for your salads or pastries.  I get a small nonstick pan and put it over high heat.  When it’s nice and hot, I add the walnuts and keep tossing them in the pan to make sure they don’t burn.  It only takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of your nuts.  Place one or two wedges on a plate, salt and pepper the lettuce, then start adding your toppings!  I started with the toppings.   Add the cucumber and onion slices onto the wedges, then sprinkle the blue cheese and freshly toasted walnuts.  Depending on the number of wedges you are serving per person (in my case, two per person since it’s our dinner), I use about 2-4 tablespoons of dressing.  Just enough to cover the top in light layer.  It may look like a lot, but that is a lot of lettuce underneath there! I added more freshly cracked pepper, then dove in.

Price-wise, this is a really cost-conscious meal.  The lettuce was on sale for $1.50.  The dressing was also on sale at the grocery store, and we’ll use that for several salads.  The veggies were also cheap, the cucumber was $2, onion was about $1, but I got 2 meals out of each one!  I bought walnuts in a huge bag that were on sale at Safeway.  It was $4.99 for over a pound of whole walnuts!  If you’ve ever been down the baking aisle at the grocery store,




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